Looking Into Trying A Standing Desk At Home Or At Work?

There has been a lot said lately about how unhealthy it can be to sit at a desk all day. There are a few solutions to the ill effects of sitting all day, including getting up and walking around periodically, doing some exercises by your desk and purchasing a standing desk, or a standing desk conversion kit. There are a growing number of advocates of standing desks for a more ergonomic and healthier work day. The Internet has a collection of articles on both sides of the topic of the advantages of using a stand up desk. The new lighter weight more portable computers make this more possible than ever before. Before deciding to purchase a standing desk, and changing your method of working, consider doing the research on benefits, and on different desks on the market, and how they are rated.

One of the best sites for this kind of research is http://www.beststandingdesks.com/. This site has articles on the benefits of standing desks, and they rate all the different types of standing desk options. They have a top ten list for each type, with ratings and customer comments on each model. The categories of standing desks are :

Standing desk converter kits

Adjustible height desks

Standing desks for laptop computers

Treadmill desks

Mobile standing desks

When you are still not sure you will like a standing desk, a converter kit might be a good option. If you like using a standing desk, you can then purchase a new standing desk of one type or another. The adjustable height desks are a good choice for those who may want the option of standing for part of the day, and then sitting for part of the day, depending on what they are working on, or how they feel. When considering the purchase of a standing desk, keep in mind that the desk itself does not have much storage for office supplies. Another piece of office furniture, like a storage cart, may be needed. There are many options for purchase of standing desks, like the mobile standing desk for use with a laptop computer. This option can be moved from room to room as needed. For those really into health and Standing Desk Converter exercise, there is even a treadmill desk available. Using this desk, you get your walking in while you work.

At beststandingdesks.com you will find articles and information on making your own standing desk, converting your existing desk too a standing desk, links to online standing desk companies, comparison shopping information, where the best deals are and top 10 lists for each category of standing desk.